With the vast internet capacity, numerous online trading websites now comprise the market. The question is whether there still anything more GMOTrading can offer in relation to other brokers with similar services?

Modesty aside, GMOTrading is one of the best online trading services available in the web. With its special trading environment and platforms, clients get to access the sphere of international trading with great convenience.

The Benefits

  • Global Capabilities Within the Web

GMOTrading offers almost an unlimited access to global financial markets. Merely through the use of provided online platforms, clients can be able to trade anytime, anywhere.

Wide Array of Assets:

Through leading trading platforms like WebTrader and MetaTrader4, We offer opportunities to trade on the following:

  1. Forex – buying and selling of various global currencies to gain profit during economic progress
  2. CFD – the use of a subordinate instrument to trade on the price of assets without actually owning them
  3. Stocks – buying and selling of a company’s shares
  4. Oil – trading in the active market of crude oil as a commodity
  5. Gold – trading rare metals as gold and silver without physically owning them
  • Optimized Trading

GMOTrading grants clients the access to plenty of trading instruments and advanced calculators to get the best of their trading potentials.

  • Reliable Customer Support

Clients’ trading concerns can be raised 24/5 with GMOTrading’s excellent customer support service either through email, website, live chat or phone.

  • Device-flexible Programs

GMOTrading’s platforms can fit any type of device such as a smartphone, a tablet or a computer regardless of time and location.

If you think these benefits are enough, GMOTrading still offers effective training materials where neophyte traders can learn a lot from.

Educational Materials for All Clients

  • Videos

In clear and coherent videos, GMOTrading presents all financial trading fundamentals to its clients to spark their trading expertise

  • E-books

For clients who prefer reading materials that present all basic and detailed information about trading, e-books are at the tip of your fingertips. You can consult these e-books while trading in real time.

  • Tutorials

These are audio-visual materials intended to guide clients on the actual process of trading, teaching them how to use GMOTrading platforms’ multifunctional features.

  • Calculators

Market volatility is a challenge in trading. Our calculators will help you track investments while market conditions are changing.

How Secured are Clients’ Funds?

GMOTrading uses state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the safety of clients’ funds and transactions. The corporate operating accounts are deposited separate from clients’ funds because The company want to make sure that your finances are saved in trusted international banks.

These are latest physical hardware and software programs used to protect all data:

  • Firewalls and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software protects all data during transmission
  • Trading servers that are located in SAS 70 certified data centers
  • Transactions are under Level 1 PCI compliance services moderation
  • Encrypted transactions and communication data servers