Airbnb is looking to explore new products, like offering travelers itineraries to give travelers a full experience, as said by Parin Mehta, operations director for Airbnb.

Better known as go-to when it comes to travelers who are looking for people who are willing to shares their homes with, the company Airbnb is looking into new products to give users the “best trip”

In an interview with Airbnb’s operations director, states that when planning a trip there are several things you have to think about before going to a trip.

What Airbnb is trying to do is to let the a traveler experience authentic activities From Accommodation to activities from different cities. Airbnb will provide services where locals can accompany guests in such activities like water sports and dance classes.

Tokyo, Seoul and Bali has seen a boom in tourism in the past few years but this is also some of the most intimidating places to explore for foreigner because they are not English speaking countries. This makes navigating around the city quite difficult especially for first timers.

Mehta also stated that they are also planning to divulge into the trend of Chinese millennials travelling oversees, as well as the occurrence of domestic travel within the country increases.

Mehta added that they are aware that people from tier two cities are also interested in going to Shanghai to learn and experience