The foreign exchange market is a place where investors conduct the buying and selling of currencies. Dubbed as the biggest financial arena in the world, it is the home for thousands of big banks, investment and commercial companies, retail brokers, and millions of investors around the world, who are responsible for the $5 trillion worth of trades per day.

Capital appreciation, or earning extra income, is the primary driver behind investors’ engagement in the Forex market. But with plenty of opportunities in this field, it also provides traders other key benefits such as diversification and hedge against political and economic risks.

GMOTrading is an established online trading broker that aims to cater its client’s unique trading experience through functionality, reliability, and security of our world-class services. As the competition in the Forex market heats up, we will arm you with the right weapons to surpass every challenges in the industry.

As an outstanding and trusted broker, GMOTrading built a standalone and a state of the art online trading platform, known for its ease of use, versatility, and effective.

The platform consists of powerful features and tools that allow users to describe and analyze the past and latest market trends and currency pair performance. With the advanced MetaTrader4, which is downloadable to any smartphones and tablets, you can avail high end solutions to your trading needs using just your fingertips.


Just like in stocks and commodities, GMOTrading allows you to speculate in the future movements of the currency pairs using a derivative called Certificate for Difference, or popularly known as CFD, without actually owning the currency pairs. Through this instrument, you can benefit in the upward or downward movement of currencies by placing long or short position.

Traders should not worry about their money as we comply with the international laws and standards in protecting the funds of our clients. Our company utilizes SAS 70 certified server centers protected with Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) to assure that the platform is safe from digital hackers.

Our relationship with our clients remains a fiduciary one, where we always do our duties and responsibilities for your advantage. Therefore, we deliver our services in accordance to the company’s main goal and principle while maintaining our integrity, competence and valuing confidentiality and objectivity.

Our team of professional customer support performs their duty with utmost excellence and is always ready to assist you at any time of the day 24/5. Most importantly, they hold the core values of the company and assure that your partnership with us is built with mutual respect.

The company brings you the best customer service, education program, and online trading experience rolled into one platform so that you may be able to maximize your potential in order to achieve personal growth.